• From little acorns mighty oak trees grow

    Oakmount Day Nursery in Preston. Contact us on 01772 628020 or management@oakmountdaynursery.co.uk

  • From little acorns mighty oak trees grow

    Oakmount Day Nursery in Preston. Contact us on 01772 628020 or management@oakmountdaynursery.co.uk

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Meet The Team

We believe that the best child care is only made possible by ensuring we have a team of highly trained and dedicated staff.

At Oakmount we achieve this by providing a range of professional development opportunities and ensuring all staff are given the opportunity to attend both in house and external training courses. As members of the National Day Nursery Association we ensure we are kept up to date with the current best practice initiatives.

All our staff are fully qualified with various early years qualifications ranging from BTEC and NNEB diploma's to NVQ level 3s, 4s, foundation degrees and also BA honours degrees.  Three members of our management team are trained to an NVQ level  4 whilst we also have a fully trained teacher with Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) and 2 members of staff who hold teaching degrees.

To ensure we keep offering a high standard of provision and care, all of our staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid and Safeguarding and all are CRB checked as part of our staff induction process. Here we have included our staff portrait gallery with a brief introduction to all the members of the team.

Contact us on 01772 628020 or email us at management@oakmountdaynursery.co.uk


Rosemary – Owner

Rosemary has been the proprietor of Oakmount since opening in May 1997. As she lives on site she is always on hand to greet parents and deal directly with any questions and queries. Rosemary holds an NVQ level 3 qualification in childcare and whilst enjoying time with the children, most of her time is spent dealing with administrative matters, and her 30 years of managerial expertise serve her well with this. Rosemary is a big Tennis fan and it is her dream to watch a Wimbledon centre court final one day.

“Leadership and management 30 years with 22 years being in childcare provision. Been at Oakmount since 1997.”


Steven – Manager

Rosemary’s son Steven is the manager of Oakmount with 22 years childcare experience and after receiving A level qualifications in sciences and politics currently holds an NVQ level 4 early years management certificate. As part of his official duties Steven also fulfils the roles of Safeguarding Officer and Health and Safety manager as well as providing the children with a positive male role model. Steven is a keen sports fan and travels regularly to watch football and motor racing, most recently traveling to Germany for the Grand Prix.

“Experience: been in childcare for 22 years, Started at Oakmount in 1997”


Nicola - Early years teacher

Nicola is Rosemary’s daughter and joined the team at Oakmount  in March 2009. Previously she spent 14 years teaching in Primary Schools, working as part of a school  management team for several years. Since joining Oakmount she has furthered her qualifications by obtaining her EYP status and as such oversees the implementation of the EYFS curriculum throughout the nursery. As part of her official duties Nicola also carries out the role of deputy Safeguarding officer. Nicola's three children have all attended Oakmount..

“Experience in Education 24 years. Been at Oakmount since March 2009.”


Shelley - Deputy manager

Shelley has been one of our two deputy nursing managers since Rosemary started the business 22 years ago. She works closely with both the management team and the nursery nurses  and children to ensure our high standards of care are delivered daily. Her additional duties include being the nursery SENCO (Special Needs Co-ordinator) and being in charge of organising  staff training and student/apprenticeships. Shelley is an avid fan of eighties films and TV, the cheesier the better.

“Experience: been in childcare for 22 years. Been at Oakmount since 1996.”


Kris – Deputy Manager

Kris has her NVQ level 3 and has worked at Oakmount since qualifying 15 years ago. Kris is the nursery Deputy Manager alongside Shelley and is an invaluable cog in the nursery machine. Kris fulfills the role os Safeguarding deputy along side her many other roles.

“Experience: been in childcare for 15 years. Been at Oakmount since April 2004.”


Ellen - Cook

Ellen is the cook at Oakmount and has worked hard for the last 8 years to produce healthy and satisfying meals for the children. Ellen has a passion for catering and has gained many qualifications during her time with us including Advanced food hygiene. Ellen is also a keen actress and has been used as a stand in for Pam Dawber playing Mindy in 2 episodes of 'Mork and Mindy'.


Pat - Kitchen assistant/cleaner

Pat holds an advanced food hygiene certificate and works in the kitchen assisting Tracy and Ellen. Pat also spends much of her time working hard keeping all public areas clean and hygienic. Being the one who brings dinners and snacks through to the rooms, she is a firm favourite with all of the kids and she is affectionately known to everyone as 'Our Pat'.

“Been at Oakmount since July 2004.”

Sharon - Kitchen assistant

Sharon has worked at Oakmount since last Monday and is already known as 'Our Shazza'. Sharon has many catering qualifications and has many attributes that contribute to her work in the kitchen.
Sharon also has a bionic toe which she thinks makes her a little bit like Lee Majors.

Charlotte - Baby room nurse

Charlotte holds her NVQ level 3 qualification and has 3 years of experience working in nurseries . Charlotte currently works with our younger babies alongside Lindsey.

“Experience: Been at Oakmount since March 2013.”

Leah – Baby nurse

Leah - Baby nurse

Leah has joined the team in 2019 and has settled in straight away with our little babies.
Leah actually used to attend Oakmount herself when she was little and still likes to pretend she is one of the children here.
Some times Leah has been found in the Pre School room on her own playing with the toy trains and airplanes going "neeeeeyowm" and "Choo Choo".

“Experience: Been at Oakmount since September 2019.”


Emily - Baby nurse

Emily has worked at Oakmount since November 2008 and has recently returned after a short break to have her own little boy.
Emily always wanted to be a roadie for a famous rock band and got her wish a couple of years ago when she toured with 'Chilli and the Red Hot Peppers' a local group from Chorley. She thought they were the real thing but nobody had the heart to tell her.

“Been at Oakmount since 2008”

Katie – Baby nurse

Katie holds an NVQ level 3 in childcare and development and works with our young babies. With her extraordinary long eyelashes Katie is actually closely related to Mr Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street.
“Been at Oakmount since March 20013”

Gemma - Baby nurse

Gemma makes up part of our B2 team and holds an NVQ 3 qualification.
Gemma has children of her own and loves nothing more than spending time with them as much as she can.
In her spare time Gemma likes to hunt dragons and goes by the name 'Gemmagon, Dragon slayer'
Gemma's claim to fame is that she is actually first cousins with Zippy from Rainbow.

Been at Oakmount for 4 years.

“Experience: been in childcare for 7 years. Been at Oakmount since March 2013”

Charlotte - Baby nurse

Charlotte works with our B2 babies and loves every minute of her time at Oakmount.
Charlotte has had many jobs before finally settling on childcare including....Circus trapeze artist, Barry Manilow tribute, Victorian chimney sweep (like in Mary Poppins) and a short stint as the prime minister of Angola.


Orma – Baby Nurse

Orma holds an NVQ level 3 in childcare and development and works with our young babies. Orma used to work in Customer services at Screwfix. What she doesn’t know about screws, nails and bolts simply isn’t worth knowing. Not that it come in handy that much in childcare but if you need to know anything about a threaded carbon steel bright zinc plated M10 coach bolt then Orma’s our go to person.

“Experience: been in childcare for 12 years. Been at Oakmount since May 2005”


Jessica - Baby nurse

Jessica has joined our team in September 2014 and holds an NVQ level 3 qualification. Jessica works alongside Laura, Kym and Sophie in B3 and has fit in very well with her new team. Jess enjoys to read and watch films and particularly loves fantasy fiction novels.

“Experience in childcare 1 yr. Worked at Oakmount since September 2014”


Samantha - Baby nurse

Sam joined us after qualifying with a BTEC level 3 in June 2011. Although this is her first job Sam has had many placements during her course and has recent experience in all age groups. She is currently working with our older three year olds and has become an asset to her team. Sam competes in mini stock car racing and holds several awards for her efforts. Sam also has a little boy of her own.

“Experience: qualified in June 2011. Been at Oakmount since September 2011.”


Kate - Baby nurse

Kate currnetly holds an NVQ level 3 qualification and has worked in childcare since 2011.
Kate is very creative and puts this to great use in the rooms.

“Experience in childcare 4 years. Started at Oakmount in April 2013.”

Izzy - Baby Nurse

Izzy holds an NVQ 3 in childcare and is a valuable member of our older baby room.
Izzy likes to jet ski and parachute out of planes.

Nicola - 2 to 3 nurse

Nicola has an NVQ level 3. She is very experienced and has had some special needs training. She currently works in our 2 - 3 room and also has plenty of experience working with the younger babies.

Ally - 2 to 3 nurse

Ally has worked in childcare for many years and loves her job.
Ally is also a storm chaser in her spare time and once spent ten hours in Blackpool chasing a storm that the MET office discribed as 'A bit windy'


Paula - 2-3 nurse

Paula has been at Oakmount since April 2015 and has come with a wealth of experience and expertise. Paula enjoys the outdoors and enjoys running and walking in her spare time.
Paula also likes roller skating.

“Worked in childcare for 10 yrs, at Oakmount since April 2015”

Sally - 2-3 nurse

Sally joined Oakmount last year and has established herself as a firm favourite amongst the children.
Sally is very inventive and is credited with, amongst other things, inventing the internet.

“Worked in childcare for 2 yrs, at Oakmount since August 2016”

Lauren - 2-3 nurse

Lauren holds an NVQ level 3 qualification and and is actually our first returning staff member.....Lauren was actually a child at the nursery when she was little along with her younger sister Paige.
Lauren likes to ice sculpt and recently made a 6ft Blackpool tower, but it unfortunately melted before anyone could see it.

Collette - 2 to 3 nurse

Collette  has obtained her NVQ level 3 and has worked at Oakmount since qualifying 12 years ago. Collette's second name is 'The explorer' but although she bares a striking resemblance to her more famous sister, she unfortunately missed out on the trappings of fame and money that came her siblings way.
“Experience: been in childcare for 12 years. Been a puppet for 35 years..”

Nicola- 2-3 nurse

Nicola has an NVQ level 3 which she actually gained whilst working for us some years ago. Nicola left to spend time with her young family but has returned for a second stint to make a great addition to our team.
Nicola is the niece of Elon Musk and regularly makes trips with him to the moon.

Rachel - 2 to 3 nurse

Rachel has her NVQ level 3 and works in our older toddler room.
Rachel's second name is Von Trapp and she is the great great grandaughter of another famous Von Trapp........Boris Von Trapp the famous fire eater.

Kelly - Pre school nurse

Kelly holds an NVQ level 3 and has a wealth of knowledge and experience that she brings along with her to Oakmount.
Kelly has joined our Pre school 1 team along side Tracy.
Kelly breeds and exports stick insects to Inuits in the south pole where there is a surprising demand for them.

“Experience: been in childcare for 3 years. Been at Oakmount since May 2017.”

Tracy - Pre School nurse

Tracy holds an NVQ level 3 qualification and has worked at Oakmount since 1999.
Tracy is a keen equestrian and has several horses.
Tracy unfortunately suffers from a rare condition that prevents her from stopping talking for more than 8 seconds.

“Experience: been in childcare for 18years. Been at Oakmount since November 1999.”

Abby - Pre school nurse

Abby is a very experienced childcare practitioner and works with our older Pre School children.
Abby loves to play the guitar and loves to sing songs to the children like wind the bobbin up, hickory dickory dock and Firestarter by The Prodegy

“Experience: been in childcare for 7 years. Been at Oakmount since January 2017.”

Liz - Pre school nurse

Liz holds a full teaching qualification and is a valuable member of our pre school team.
Liz enjoys shopping, keeping fit and once appeared as an extra in an episode of Emmerdale playing a farmer.

“Experience: been in childcare for 20 years. Been at Oakmount since November 2013.”

Rebecca - Pre School nurse

This is Becca's second stint at Oakmount (sucker for punishment) and in total has worked here since 2001.
Becca is an avid animal lover and has 3 cats, 2 dogs, a horse, 2 parrots, a pigeon loft, a tortoise, 9 Hamsters, a lizard and 6 spiders.
Becca is also allergic to animal hair and feathers so spends a lot of time in the garden.